Teaching Ressources

This is my Ressource Page for Teaching. As I have created and accumulated several tutorials, articles and materials over time, I decided to collect and publish them here via this Wiki and plan to contribute from time to time. I taught several courses and gave workshops on 3D documentation and reconstruction at different universities.

3D Reconstruction in Archaeology

White Temple of Uruk In one of my regular seminars, I teach how to model in 3D and how to proceed in archaeological architectural reconstruction. For this, the seminar uses the commercial software Cinema 4D, but the basic methods of modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering can be used in various software later on. Also, the theoretical approach to architectural reconstruction will be discussed. At the end, we will learn how to prepare and export our own reconstructions into Virtual Reality with the help of the game engine Unity!

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Archaeological Redrawing of Plans

Screenshot of a Redrawing This basic course in Archaeoinformatics teaches the usage of AutoCAD for Archaeology. Here we learn how to do a full redrawing of a hand-drawn excavation trench. The digitisation of archaeological plans is a big part of the work of an archaeologist. We will learn how to setup a drawing with the correct scale, how to correctly import a scan of a hand-drawn excavation plan and finally how to use layers to do the redrawing as well as the preparation of the final print-out. At the end, we will be able to print our redrawn plan in different paper sizes with the correct scale.

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Structure from Motion

Rendering of a SfM setup This lesson teaches the basics of Structure from Motion in a theoretical as well as in a practical way. We will learn how this technology works and what to consider when taking photos for a project. We will learn how to process the photos in a way, that they are suitable for the SfM procedure. Finally, we will learn how to use the popular software Agisoft Photoscan to convert our photos in a proper textured 3D object.

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Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Le Grand Camée de France Here, we will explore the possibilities of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) for Archaeology. We will learn how this technology works and how to correctly use it. What soft- and hardware to use and we will discuss possibilities of publishing RTI images online.

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Additional Resources

nordwood-themes-8lfe0lywyak-unsplash.jpg This section will compose of additional resources that are important for study, like how to organise online classes or how to set-up and use citation managers. It will be a collection of third-party online videos and other tutorials, that I found throughout the internet or composed myself. If you have any suggestions for adding to this section, maybe a video that helped you learning or organising, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Every free resource is welcome on this page.

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