📹 Additional and Shared Ressources

Digital teaching and learning is sometimes difficult, whether it is in class (but still digitally executed on the computer) or in an online class. The way we teach and learn has changed a lot over time and there are a couple of good resources that I recommend using. You might not need all of them and you even might know all of this already. But in the case that you don't, give it a try. Digital tools can save us all some time and help you out later.

The following resources are a mixture of my own, as well as content of other people, that I found on the internet. As I do not host most of the stuff here, it will always be possible, that some links go down over time: Give me a small note. You'll find additional ressources first and then ressources that are shared, meaning needed in several other segments of this page.

➕ Additional Ressources

📺 YouTube Videos

Online Classes: A Survival Guide

From: Thomas Frank, Duration: 12:35 mins, Date of publication: 25.08.2020
In this video T. Frank boils taking online classes down to five tips. 1. Treat online classes like real classes, 2. Get serious about your calendar, 3. Get digitally organised, 4. Break up your day and 5. Get a virtual study group.

How I Remember Everything I Read

From: Ali Abdaal, Duration: 15:52 mins, Date of publication: 08.10.2020
Ali Abdaal talks about how to remember everything you read. During your studies, you have to read and remember a lot. This video helps to get the head around the concept of remembering what you read. I tried and it worked!

I learned a system for remembering everything

From: Matt D'Avella, Duration: 10:49 mins, Date of publication: 17.08.2022
Matt D'Avella tries out a new system of reading and remembering everything he reads. By annotating and transferring the notes to some paper cards, he is creating a second brain to which he can come back to if needed.

📰 Articles

How to Overcome 'Zoom Fatigue'

From: Sam Blum, Date of publication: 24.01.2021
During the pandemic, many office workers had been glued to their computer monitors. Short of an alternative for seeing co-workers without a screen, all this conferencing has led to an epidemic of “Zoom fatigue.”

How to Ethically Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay

From: Lindsey Ellefson, Date of publication: 11.01.2024
Using ChatGPT isn't wrong per se, but it depends what you use it for. This article dives into how you could use ChatGPT ethically and prevent getting caught. There is no reason why you shouldn't use AI responsively.

The Most Important Steps to Making an Effective To-do List

From: Lindsey Ellefson, Date of publication: 27.03.2024
Doing a ToDo list ist important, but not always straight up clear. This article summarizes good practices on how to conceptualise a ToDo list, how to prioritize and which way to write a ToDo list.

🌳 Shared Ressources

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