🧑‍💻 Reflectance Transformation Imaging

This chapter will show you how to create Reflectance Transformation Images and how to process them. At first, we will learn how to take the photos in a way, that the software can process it and then we will learn how to use the open access software. The purpose of this resource is to prepare you for each course as part of your time for self-study (Selbststudium) as well as to operate as a general reference for the remainder of the term. It will not replace the content of the course, rather then be an additional resource.

Everything here is written in English and as always work in progress. As this is no traditional Wiki, where you are able to participate, I still would enjoy your comments on this online resource.

📸 Taking the photos

Chapter 1: Highlight RTI (manual method)

The Highlight RTI method (H-RTI) is the manual way of taking the images for post-processing. Although it seems a bit difficult at first, high quality results can be achieved and objects to big for the dome can also be documented.
📖 Estimated reading time: 14 minutes -> Go to lesson!

Chapter 2: The Kölner Dome

For better RTI images, we can utilise a so-called dome. As we work with the Kölner Dome in Cologne, this tutorial is focussing on the procedure using this machine. The process is more or less similar with other domes though.
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🧮 Post-Processing the photos

Color and Lens Correction

The post-processing of images taken with a DLSR is common to many methods, may it be just for.. well taking photos. RTI images have to undergo the same procedure however and this general tutorial will help us to proceed.
📖 Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

Date/Version OS Software Version Link
2024-02-29 🪟 Windows Adobe Bridge & Camera RAW CS5.1& 6.7 Go to lesson!

Exercise 1: Building the RTI image

There are different ways of transforming the images into a RTI image. Traditionally, the RTIBuilder was used, but a newer software ReLight is currently developed. Both software work however and when in doubt, choose ReLight.
📖 Estimated reading time: ?? minutes

Date/Version OS Software Version Link
2020-04-24 🪟 Windows, 🐧 Linux & 🍎 Mac ReLight 2024.01 Go to lesson!
2020-12-09 🪟 Windows & 🍎 Mac RTIBuilder 2.0.2 Go to lesson!

🖼️ Viewing RTIs

Exercise 2: Viewing RTIs offline

The RTI we created can be seen in many ways. If we want to have the most options, offline software is the best solution. Traditionally the RTIViewer is the best choice, but there are also alternatives.
📖 Estimated reading time: ?? minutes

Date/Version OS Software Version Link
2020-04-24 🪟 Windows RTIViewer 2024.01 Go to lesson!

Exercise 3: Viewing RTIs online

Lastly, we can also view RTI imges online. This is a great way of building repositories in the web and it is - thankfully to a ReLight export - fairly easy.
📖 Estimated reading time: ?? minutes

Date/Version OS Software Version Link
2020-04-24 🪟 Windows XAMMP 3.3.0 Go to lesson!


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