In this last exercise we will learn how to texture with procedural (calculated) textures as well as with image-based textures. We will use different textures from the Cinema 4D library and in the end will produce a nice rendering that sets our temple in scene.

Note: In the newer versions of Cinema4D (which you will probably use when working from home), the Content Browser (where you will find different textures) will not be where I tell you to find it in the video. Instead, the Content Browser is now called the Asset Browser und you'll find it either over the menu “Windows…” or by entering it in the command shell (SHIFT+C).

In the Asset Browser, you'll find a search bar at the top, where you can search for different textures. Note also, that some textures need to be downloaded first. You can see this in the lower right corner of the material. If there is a tiny cloud, please click it to pre-download the material. Double-click the material afterwards to transfer it into your Material Manager. Double-extra-note: if you can't find your Material-Manager as well, you can also activate it over the menu “Windows…” or press SHIFT+F2. Enjoy!

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