Installing RTI software

The software that we will be using during this class is called RTIBuilder and RTIViewer and are provided by the Cultural Heritage Imaging Cooperation. Both software are free and open access. So head over to their site and go to What we offer and Downloads.

On the next page, you can click on Process - RTIBuilder free software and choose your version (either Mac or PC) on the next page. Start downloading! Install the package on your computer. Attention: Make sure, that you install the RTIBuilder software in your root folder of your computer. Don't install it in a Programs folder or anything. The RTIBuilder does not very well with Spaces or Special Characters. Make sure, that it is installed in something like: C:\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\.

  • It might be, that your system tells you, that this file contains a virus. I installed this software a hundred times and am pretty sure, that it doesn't. Feel free to download and install it anyway. If you encounter problems with downloading, try another browser.

You also need Java 6 or higher, which you can get here. It is free for personal use, so please install that too.

If you have installed both software, you should be able to start the RTIBuilder, which you should find under RTIBuilder/RTIBuilder in your start menu (Windows). Please try it and have a look, if the software starts up.

The software works like this, but only offers the HSH Fitter, which is the algorithm with which the RTI gets calculated. This is fine, but there is another Fitter, the PTM Fitter, which is a little bit better and offers more possibilities with Filters after the creation of the RTI. Please download this ZIP-File and unpack it into the Fitters folder of your RTIBuilder installation. Normally you should find the folder under C:\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\Fitters\. If you unpack the ZIP, there should be two subfolders in the Fitters folder: HSHfitter and PTMFitter. In the PTMFitter folder, you'll find four files.

From the same page where you have downloaded the RTIBuilder, you can also download the RTIViewer by clicking on View - RTIViewer free software and then choosing your version. Please install that file too and check, if you can start the software up.

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