Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Le Grand Camée de France This chapter will show you how to create Reflectance Transformation Images and how to process them. At first, we will learn how to take the photos in a way, that the software can process it and then we will learn how to use the open access software. The purpose of this resource is to prepare you for each course as part of your time for self-study (Selbststudium) as well as to operate as a general reference for the remainder of the term. It will not replace the content of the course, rather then be an additional resource. The content of this Wiki is not equal to the content of the course!

Everything here is written in English and as always work in progress. As this is no traditional Wiki, where you are able to participate, I still would enjoy your comments on this online resource. Typos, broken links, unclear passages… Let me know, if I can improve this page and how to do it, it will be much appreciated.

Taking the photos
Coming soon..
Using the software
rti_install.jpg Installing the RTIBuilder and RTIViewer
We use two kinds of software for our RTI classes: The RTIBuilder to create RTIs and the RTIViewer to look at them. This chapter shows you how to install both.
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes
rtibuilder.jpg Using the RTIBuilder
This chapter teaches you how to convert your photos into an RTI image, after you have taken them with your setup (either by hand or with a dome) and color-corrected them of course.
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes; Also available in German
Using the RTIViewer (very short)
Here we will have a look at the RTIViewer software, that enables you to look at RTIs and manipulate them with some filters. Depending on the fitter used, you will have several options to make the invisible visible.
Estimated reading time: 1 minutes
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