Be prepared: Download and install AutoCAD

In order to start with our tutorial, we will need AutoCAD from Autodesk. AutoCAD is by no means the only CAD software out there, but it is the most utilised and therefore good to know. Please refer to the small download and installation tutorial below to get started.


So to begin with, we need to download AutoCAD from the Autodesk Website. We click on the box that is labelled AutoCad and click on Get started. If you already have an Autodesk Login, please use that, otherwise create a new one, making sure to provide your university credentials. It is possible, that you have to provide some proof that you are enrolled in the university, but maybe also the university eMail address will do.

When you can select the version to download, please choose your version and language. In these tutorials, we will use AutoCAD 2017 in the English version. It will be the easiest, if you choose the same version to follow along. Please do NOT choose the LT version, as this version will not support 3D visualisation. If you click on Install you also need to accept the terms and the download starts. Please install now the software on your computer.

Please note, that it is not absolutely necessary to use the same version as this one, as the simple tools we use in this tutorial are available in nearly all the versions. For a long time I taught with the 2016 version, which basically looked the same. So if you rather use another version, please do so.


In the first installation dialogue, you can keep everything as it is or you can choose the expand the list below the selection of the AutoCAD software and deselect all checkboxes, except the last one labelled Create the desktop shortcut.... You do not need the extra packages for this tutorial. Click on Install. When the installation is finished, you can click on Launch now. At the first start, you have to sign in with your Autodesk ID, in order to use the product officially.

Extra Tip

Automatically, the Autodesk Desktop App gets installed on your computer. I really hate extra junk on my computer. You can remove that, because we will not need it. To remove the app, please close first the app, that probably hides in your symbol drawer on the lower right corner (Windows) by right-clicking and choosing Close. Then open the Windows Settings page and navigate to Apps to choose the Autodesk Desktop App to de-install. You have to restart the computer, but are now ready to go. You can simply start AutoCAD by clicking the symbol on your desktop or in your start menu.

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This page was last edited on 2024-04-11 14:14

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